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HoN: Patch

Heute gibt es bereits das nächste Update in Sachen Heroes of Newerth Beta: Der Patch wurde veröffentlicht. Ich habe in den letzten Tagen wieder einige Spiele gemacht (vor allem Banningdraft) und bin nach wie vor wirklich von der Qualität der Beta begeistert. Nachdem die Lagprobleme zum allergrößten Teil beseitigt wurden und auch genug Server zur Verfügung stehen um jederzeit nach Belieben neue HoN Games zu hosten, fehlt bis auf ein wenig Balanceing kaum noch etwas um das Spiel als Vollversion verkaufen zu können.

Heroes of Newerth Patch Patchnotes


- Added new in game command /gameinfo or /gi, using it prints information about the current game.
- Fixed a few tooltips (such as the error about evasion in mock)
- Tweaked recommended items
- Fixed a crash when selecting the courier of a terminated player that had items left on it
- Fixed item ownership exploits, rules are as follows:
* Items/recipes are usable by the original purchaser, always
* “Allowsharing” items are usable by team mates of the original purchaser
* “Dropondeath” items lose their ownership when the carrying unit is killed, making them free for all to use (ally/enemy)
* Items dropped by a “dropitemsondeath” unit (courier) retain their ownership
* The “drop items” game option now removes ownership as if all items had “dropondeath”
- Heroes who have ultimates that can be upgraded by Staff of the Master now list what is changed in the tooltip (Thread 34249)
- Player colors now show up next to their portrait in the miniscoreboard when ingame (Thread 49135)

- Updated regional filter to include Europe – All, this query includes EU, DE, NL and UK locations.
- Updated French Stringtables
- Fixed “Balance Teams” button showing up times when it shouldn’t
- Fixed All/Team chat button working incorrectly in certain cirumstances


- Doombringer can no longer be sold

- New Item, Fenrir’s Fang:
+10 Strength
+10 Agility
+10 Intelligence
+200 Max Health
+150 Max Mana
On attack, applies Fenrir’s Bite to targets for 3 seconds. Fenrir’s Bite slows attack speed by 10 and movement speed by 15%.

Major Totem (540)
Major Totem (540)
GlowStone (1200)
Recipe (1200)
Total Cost: 3480

- Frostwolf’s Skull:
* Recipe is no longer upgradable. Recipe changed to use:
Fenrir’s Fang (3480)
Blessed Orb (2100)
Recipe (570)
Total Cost: 6150



- A new Hellbourne Strength hero has joined the fight! Beware…


- Fissure can now be cast on allied and magic immune units. Note that it will not damage or stun allies or magic immune units, you simply will be able to cast the skill in the target’s direction

Corrupted Disciple

- Overload will no longer instantly kill gadgets


- The Keg now has a fixed delay of 1 second between cast and impact time, regardless of distance thrown
- Better synchronized The Keg‘s explosion with the push back and damage
- The Keg now stuns targets for 1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds, increased from 1.25 seconds at all levels
- The Keg will now knock back the Engineer if he is within the blast range. Note that this will not stun him
- Steam Turret‘s damage type changed to Hero so the first shot doesn’t do half damage anymore
- Steam Turret‘s base damage increased by roughly 30%
- Steam Turret‘s increased damage from items reduced to a 20% transfer
- Steam Turret will now take 8 hits from creeps to kill
- Steam Turret‘s default behavior will now be to attack heroes only, and it may be switched to target all regular attack targets (including buildings and creeps)
- Tinker can now heal the Steam Turret through creep damage. Only Hero or Boss attacks will prevent the Steam Turret from being healed
- Tinker, when used on allied siege units, will now cause that siege unit to take 1/3rd of normal damage (in addition to its previous effects)
- Tinker, when used on enemy siege units, will now destroy that siege unit after a 2 second channel time, blowing it up and causing 50/75/100/125 Magic damage in a 600
- Tinker now again increases the Attack Speed of the turret by 25,50,75,100
- Fixed a bug causing the electrical fence to not disappear when the shield generator was destroyed before its duration ended

Forsaken Archer

- Skeletal Minions will no longer attack powerups
- While using Piercing Arrows, Skeletal Minions will continue to automatically attack nearby targets, however if no targets are nearby they will return to Forsaken Archer‘s position
- Fixed Forsaken Archer‘s Splitfire to not reduce the damage of her other abilities
- Fixed Forsaken Archer‘s first ability to not shoot arrows into the air before the projectile actually goes off


- Fixed the weird animations when using items

Keeper of the Forest

- Eyes from Tree Sight will no longer be drawn on the minimap
- Fixed Keeper of the Forest‘s attack animation to not be so off

Mali Klause

- Fixed a bug causing the cool down time of Sword Throw to be reset if the teleport portion of that skill is used


- Fixed the weird animations when using items


- Lowered impact time of Demon Hand to .65 seconds (from .67 seconds)
- Cast time on Soul Burst increased to 1.65 seconds (from 1 second)

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