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HoN Patchnotes

Heute ist ein weiterer Patch zur Heroes of Newerth Beta erschienen. Der HoN Patch bringt neben einigen Bugfixes an Helden wie Behemoth auch einige Itemanpassungen sowie weitere Änderungen am Spiel selbst mit sich. Vor allem überzeugen mich die Änderungen zur Verbesserung der “Usability”, vor allem die Punkte des Teamchats während der Heldenauswahl und das stoppen des Spielstarts auch ohne dieses zu verlassen. Man merkt, dass hier ein Entwicklerteam am Werk ist welches sich wirklich Mühe gibt, bzw. auch auf Feedback aus der Community reagiert. Doch nun zu den Heroes of Newerth Patchnotes:

HoN Version 0.1.56


  • I bet you were expecting 0.1.55. Surprise! No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!
  • Pre-Query filtering is now available to cut down on the number of servers pinged
    This will help those who time out when pinging servers to avoid that problem
  • Fixed a large amount of spelling and grammatical errors in all tooltips
  • Game lobby chat now switches to team chat automatically once the hero select screen is displayed
  • Fixed the game lobby to show 10 players again (for real this time)
  • Fixed runes and some creeps disappearing when not synced correctly with the server
  • Significant server optimizations
  • Glyph to make buildings immune can now be bound to a key and now shows in the control selection interface by default instead of Patrol
  • Added a /time chat command to return the current system time/date of the users computer.
  • Added an /ignorechat or /ic chat command used to toggle ignoring team/all chat.
    Note this only works for team/all chat in the lobby, hero select screen and in game, not whispers, IMs and other messages.
  • The anouncer sound for when a teammate picks up a rune should now be global
  • The water and tar in the Wells should now flow freely again
  • Fixed an issue with modifiers
  • Allow players to leave team during countdown, so they don’t have to disconnect to stop it
  • Moved the Hellbourne Ancient creeps to stop them being pulled into the lane
  • Fixed stealth to break when an attack lands, not when you start the attack and cancel before the impact
  • Just so you know we made Quake 2 work on Windows 7 last night


New Item: Plated Greaves

  • Requires Marchers, a Shield of the Five, and 200 gold recipe cost. 1503 total.
  • +70 Movement Speed
  • +3 all stats
  • +5 Armor
  • When used, gives +2 armor and 100% chance to block 10 attack damage to all allied units in a 450 radius for 30 seconds. 25 second cooldown. 25 mana to use.

Enhanced Marchers

  • Renamed to Ghost Marchers
  • Ghost Marchers offer +24 damage, +70 movement speed, and when activated boost your movement speed by 10% for 6 seconds
    Ghost Marchers have a 12 second cool down and also apply unit walking while active
    Ghost Marchers once again dispel their active state upon ability usage
  • Recipe changed to require Marchers and two Punchdaggers (total cost unchanged)


  • Steamboots now give +10 to a selected attribute and no longer provide a bonus to other attributes other than the selected one
  • Steamboots now give +25 attack speed
  • Steamboots movement speed lowered to 60 (from 75)
  • Recipe changed to require Marchers, Gloves of the Swift, and one of the 450g attribute items (Bolstering Armband, Fleetfeet, or Apprentice’s Robe)



  • Fixed Fissure to properly stun and do damage again
  • Fixed an issue causing the AoE stun from Heavyweight to occur at the location of Fissure‘s target

Demented Shaman

  • The little guy learned to talk


  • Vanish now has an upkeep mana cost of 2/3/4/5 per second, changed from 3 at all levels
  • Electric Eyes can no longer be placed within a 75 radius of trees
    This is to prevent abusive placement resulting in a block of neutral spawns
  • Disarm now lasts 1 second, from 2


  • Fixed Demon Hand‘s tooltip to be 150 instead of 100
    Demon Hand was doing the correct amount of damage, the tooltip was simply incorrect

The Dark Lady

  • Dark Blades cool down reduced by 4 seconds at all levels (from 26/22/18/14 to 22/18/14/10)
  • Charging Strikes‘ attack speed buff now lasts 6 seconds, increased from 5
  • Cover of Darkness now costs 75 mana at all levels (from 50/100/150)

Wild Soul

  • Fixed Rabid with Synergy tooltip when it is level 4

Witch Slayer

  • Can now speak
  • Silver Bullet can no longer be avoided by going invisible as the projectile is in midair

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