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Heroes of Newerth Patch 0.1.65

Und schon ist es wieder so weit, S2 Games hat heute den Heroes of Newerth Patch 0.1.65 rausgehauen!  Vor allem auf etwas höherem Niveau werden wohl die Auswirkungen des veränderten Creep-Verhaltens sein. Außerdem halte ich die HoN Patch 0.1.65 Heroänderungen für durchaus gerechtfertigt (außer bei MQ vielleicht). Bezüglich der Itemänderungen in Patch 0.1.65 wundert mich der geringere Cooldown des Portal Keys etwas, aber es wird sich zeigen ob diese Änderung nicht zu stark ist. Den Heroes of Newerth Patch 0.1.65 Download gibt es natürlich wie immer im Spiel selbst.

Heroes of Newerth Patch 0.1.65


- Significant Lane Creep AI changes
* These all involve the assist trigger that causes the creeps to aggro you when you attack an enemy hero:
1. When a hero causes the assist trigger to go off, there is a 200ms delay before the creeps will turn and come at you
2. Creeps will chase for exactly 1600ms (down from 1800ms)
3. If a creep is in the middle of an attack animation but has not hit its attack impact point (600ms), it will de-aggro and stop its attack as long as you are out of it’s short melee range
* AKA: Creeps will not finish attacks they start on you if they hit the end of the trigger
4. A creep must deal damage before it can be called by the assist trigger again
* This means if you tug, they must turn around and actually deal damage to a unit before it can chase again
5. You must be within 600 units of an enemy hero to cause the assist trigger to go off

Added a stringtable entry for Meatball
- Updated the ramps to be better
- Fixed a bunch of inconsistent in game messages that showing the incorrect killer/victim colors
* Legion is now Red and Hellbourne is now Green
- Kongor now has unitwalking by default
* This fixes the exploits that caused him to be trapped in his lair

- Updated Russian Stringtables
- Added a Patch Notes button in place of the Create Account button on the main screen
* This was a Mod, thanks to Thread 65344 and Sephinator
- vid_meshGPUDeform false now works (only for openGL)
- Fixed a bug where the “No Leaver” flag wasn’t reset at the end of matches
* This was causing players to see a message saying they were unable to join a game because they had too many leaves when selecting a server that was previously setup with the “No Leaver” game option.
- Fixed the Pre-Query Filter button so it saves it’s settings again
- Added an “Official” icon to the game lobby when games are official
- Updated “Invite to game” functionality to display all relevant game information

Heroes of Newerth Patch 0.1.65 Items (4)

Barbed Armor
- Fixed to actually return 80% damage (was returning 75%)
Sacrificial Stone
- Gains 25 health per charge
- Gains .25 health regen per charge
Portal Key
- Cooldown lowered by 4 seconds
- Recipe now has a stock of 3 to start, with a recharge time of 10 minutes per recipe

Heroes of Newerth Patch 0.1.65 Heroes (6)

- Slow on Flaming Hammer increased to 15,20,25,30 (from 10,15,20,25)
- Flaming Hammer lowers magic armor by 2,3,4,5 of anyone it is on
- Frenzy buff gives 7,14,21,28% cast speed as well

- Updated effects for all abilities. Now darker!

- -25% Movespeed for 2 seconds after Stalk ends

Moon Queen
- Multi-Strike, when toggled on, will now only bounce attacks to other visible enemy heroes when the primary target is also a hero

Pollywog Priest
- Morph changed to instant cast time (from 300)
- Voodoo Wards re-arranged to make trapping slightly easier (a hole in the middle, naturally)

- You can now deny people under the effect of Sage’s Lore

Viel Spaß mit dem Heroes of Newerth Patch 0.1.65 und natürlich die Vorfreude auf den HoN Patch 0.1.66!

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