Posted by Grueni on Nov 6, 2010

LUI v3 erreicht 400.000 Downloads!

Es ist schon wirklich verblüffend wie viel mehr Downloads LUI v3 im vergleich zu anderen Addons bzw. User Interfaces so hat. Nach dem Update von LUI v3 auf die Version LUI v3.3 Beta für den Patch 4.0.1 hat das Addon nun die 400.000 Download-Marke überschritten und führt damit die Rangliste in Sachen Downloads mit großem Abstand an. Grund genug sich noch näher mit LUI zu beschäfftigen, weshalb ich gerade an zwei neuen “Beiträgen” arbeite:

  1. Eine Übersicht für LUI v4 mit allen Features und Informationen
  2. Ein exklusives Gamermezzo Interview mit Loui, dem Kopf hinter LUI

Gerne kann ich Fragen von euch in das Interview mit einbringen, postet diese einfach in die Kommentare, schickt sie mir per Mail an info[at] oder oben über das Kontaktformular.

LUI hits 400k!

Thanks to you, LUI hits the total of 400.000 downloads today.
In comparison to other UIs on its quite a big number which will never ever be topped again. So thank you for supporting this project to make LUI the most downloaded User Interface.

Some LUI users already stated out, LUI is no UserInterface anymore, its also no normal “addon”.. its something different… there is no category to put it into.. its the wow control panel for everything!

Its just a framework or a replacement for all the Blizzard Stuff, its no “Compilation of Addons” cause you decide what addons you gonna use, you decide how everything should work and look.

This whole project is just amazing and with every week it gets a little bit bigger and better.
So maybe one time, we will hit the 1 million. That would be my personal goal.

As painful the development of LUI is, so thankful i am.
Thank you for giving me that remarkable experience, which i will never forget for the rest of my life.

Today is friday and as i said several times, you will see a small LUI v3.3 Beta Update this weekend.
It will include several bugfixes and some options for some of the new LUI modules.




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