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Vorerst keine neuen Cataclysm-Realms

Wie Blizzard-Mitarbeiter Wryxian klargestellt hat, wird es mit dem Release von Cataclysm keine neuen Realms geben. Blizzard hat im Laufe der Jahre mehrfach lernen müssen, dass es keinen Sinn hat nur aufgrund von Spielerwünschen neue Realms bereit zu stellen, sofern alte Realms noch keine ausreichende Sättigung an Spielern aufweisen. Dementsprechend werden aber natürlich auch keine neuen Realms zu späterem Zeitpunkt ausgeschlossen, aber eben erst wenn alle bestehenden Realms mehr oder weniger ausgelastet sind.

Schaut man sich die aktuellen Realms einmal etwas genauer an fällt auf, dass es momentan mit Blackrock und Frostwolf nur zwei PVP-Realms mit dem Status “voll” gibt. Als “empfohlen” werden ebenfalls zwei Realms angezeigt, Rajaxx (PVP) und Un’Goro (PVE). Es bleibt daher abzuwarten ob sich hier zu Cataclysm etwas verändern wird, einige Wiederkehrer und Neueinsteiger wird das neue Addon sicherlich anlocken.

Bluepost zum Thema neue Realms mit Cataclysm

New Realm Question

We have no plans to open new realms while there exists realms that need greater population. Despite this, as I said, it is a possibility but again, we want more than anything to ensure our existing realms are healthily populated (and people on those realms do too — it’s made clear to us time and time again.)

We do not open new realms because people ask for them, irrespective of how many may ask. We open them when our existing realms cannot take on any more players and when we anticipate an influx of new players. Though we realise a fair group of new players and returning older players may come back to our realms in Cataclysm, they will find their homes on existing realms before we even consider the idea of any new EU English realms.

That’s pretty much end of story, and though I’m sorry if this upsets people to hear, we are more concerned about those who play on realms that need a greater population, than those who just want a new realm. We’ve been telling people on low populated realms that we are wanting to help them out and we want to follow through with that, however we are able to.

If you want a new realm experience, roll on a realm like Magtheridon that’s been converted to PVE — the majority of the population on that realm are low level characters leveling up to endgame. Honestly, it really does feel like a new realm — there’s only a small amount of 80s there at the moment, the rest are leveling up and forming new guilds and behaving seemingly exactly as though the realm was new. By all means, go roll on there and check it out.

If you’re wanting a PVP realm instead, roll on the New Player realm — those realms also have a lot of space to take on lots of new players, and though they don’t have that “new realm feel” that converted realms like Magtheridon have, they are as close as you can get to it on the PVP side.



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